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As the concept of the Internet of things or IoT is finding its rapid growth, the need for IoT device management continues to expand rapidly. IoT device management is the ability to check and control your IoT devices. It remotely monitors your IoT devices for diagnosing its health and managing its functionality. DevsBot is our IoT device management platform in which you can register, organize, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices through a single application. You can group your devices into different verticals using our DevsBot.

IoT Device Management Application:

Remote Monitoring IoT

  • Device on/off status will get updated (API->Application programming interface which is a set of protocols for building and integrating application software). Along with the status you can monitor what’s happening in the device while running through the web application.

IoT Device Security

  •  In our platform, each device will have their unique Auth token to communicate with software along with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) secured communication layer.
  •  Our application is built on three-layer architectures with powerful DB management.

IoT Hardware Compatibility:

  •  We have designed our platform architecture to support multiple hardware for our customers.
  • Our platform has a built-in library support for Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry pi.

Top Features of DevsBot:

  • Our platform helps you to create multiple verticals for your organization. In short, our platform supports escalation matrix.
  • You can monitor the device status.
  • Our platform supports location management. You can see information about the available locations in the form of a table or in the form of a map.
  • Our platform is a mobile friendly application.
  • You can reset the device through the air.
  • Our system has fully developed with OTA (Over the air) update to reduce support costs to a greater extent.
  • Device logs are used to monitor the operation of a device. You can easily diagnose the problems on the device.

DevsBot Supported Platforms and Boards:

  • Our platform carries three different boards Raspberry pi, ESP32 family and Arduino family. If you want to have support for other devices, we can customize the platform for you.
  • Our device management platform supports two different communication protocol one is MQTT the most popular communication protocol which helps your device data to connect with our platform using MQTT transfer. The other communication protocol is HTTPS API. In our software data transfer in internet is achieved through HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
  • Most of the industries drive their data into the cloud for better data analytics and visualization. We provide Webhook functionality in which you can transfer data in your AWS or Azure cloud on your own server through application programming interface.


  • Our platform can be used in any industrial sectors but it is not limited in Automotive, manufacturing agriculture, healthcare, oil industries, etc.
  • Our software can be used on Linux/Windows servers.
  • Our platform supports MQTT/HTTPS protocols.
  • Data can be integrated with cloud or private servers.
  • Our platform supports rollback feature and firmware upgrade.
  • Our whole software can be executed with no internet connectivity.
  • Better management of the device life cycle will be available through the time stream and log.
  • We simplify integration with almost No-Code.
  • Software updates and maintenance are available on our platform.
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