Enabling Intelligent Connectivity

In this challenging digital world, IoT initiatives offer numerous opportunities for organizations to adapt and remain resilient in a technology-driven environment. As a preferred IoT solutions partner, we help you reinvent your digital business model by enabling smarter automations more quickly.

IOT Consulting

IoT Consulting

Having the right team on your side will help you unlock the potential of IoT. Our team facilitates your transition into an IoT-enabled business by assessing current capabilities within your organization, choosing the right infrastructure, mapping the value chain and creating roadmaps.

Machine learing


The AI and ML solutions we offer enable organizations to reshape their decision-making processes to deliver intelligent business outcomes. Using our machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise, you can enhance the performance of forecasting with predictive analytics to build robust and scalable solutions.


Integration & Implementation

Leverage our cutting-edge technologies and domain expertise to integrate your organization’s heterogeneous data sets and organize them in one easy-to-access, manageable silo. We also offer powerful third party integrations, sensor integration, etc. and help in accelerating M2M communications.

AWS IoT core

Cloud Architecture

A cloud IoT platform should be capable of monitoring IoT endpoints, analyzing streams of data at the edge, and facilitating app development and deployment. After carefully assessing your end-to-end requirements and cost-benefit analysis, we would help you choose the right cloud platform for your IoT solutions.

Xamarin Development

Xamarin App Development

Rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer needs require digitally ready and transformative applications. Understanding the need for digital innovation within your organization, we provide comprehensive IoT-based web application development. Our state-of-the-art IoT apps help you monitor the functioning of your equipment seamlessly.

IoT Ecosystem services

IoT Ecosystems

Niraltek’s IoT services and cutting-edge IoT apps are aimed at delivering a 360˚ customer experience. We specialize in API development to enable device management, data gathering, real-time decision making and for analyzing endless streams of business data and information.

The Foundation For Your IoT Journey

Through our end-to-end IoT services and innovative IoT solutions, we strive to create smart environments in various sectors that lay the very foundation of your journey towards intelligent automation.

Niraltek Services

Condition Monitoring Services

Understanding the current market demands, our IoT solutions help you predict potential machine failures, undesirable behavior in machinery tools and devices, and uncover trends in machine data using our remote monitoring services.

Data Retrival

Field Data Retrieval

Explore our IoT-enabled field data solution for gaining valuable access to data at your fingertips nearly anywhere and anytime. Leveraging connected devices and field service apps, we enable real-time field data availability for your business.

IoT analytics - NiralTek

Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization

The IoT driven solutions that we develop provide you with deep insights into the shipment status and location, and ensure seamless supply chain operations and faster time-to-market. Optimize your supply chain management with our IoT analytics.

IoT Product development

Information Systems

Designed with deep IoT insights, our information architecture enables real-time data collection for performance analysis and equipment details. This real-time visibility into your machine data gives you deep insights useful to monitor, improve, and implement business operations.

IoT servies

Process Optimization

We offer businesses cost-effective process optimization solutions backed by our deep domain expertise. Niraltek also focuses on maximizing customer experience and operational efficiency through solutions such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and automated support.

IoT products - Niraltek

Self Aware Products

Our IoT solutions strive to facilitate seamless collaboration between people and machines at every stage of your Industry 4.0 journey. Thus we help drive your Industry 4.0 transformations by enabling smart factories for a future, powered by intelligent machines.