Niraltek Solutions

An IoT Products & Solutions Company

Our Mission

Niraltek-quotesTo value every customer, and deliver cost effective solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

Niraltek-quotesTo be part of the future digital world by delivering smartproducts and services to make human life convenient.

Enabling A Digital-Ready Future

Niraltek Solutions, founded and headquartered in Chennai, India is a young technology company working to meet the future challenges of digitalization by delivering smart products and services.

Niraltek delivers IoT consulting, design and development, product development and integration solutions to small and medium businesses and corporations across the world to help them innovate faster. Our solutions enable you to drive your digital transformation initiatives into a future-ready state by delivering robust controls, connectivity and performance.

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies and our speciality is in creating cutting edge products with IoT, .Net, RFID, barcode, etc.

Our Core Values

  • Excite The End User
  • Operational Excellence


A real wealth of knowledge at Niraltek lies in a range of skilled and enthusiastic professionals with extensive experience in software development, product engineering and management, and proven project management skills.

Our team is young and dynamic, with a single goal: acquiring an irresistible place in the future world of digitalization.





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