IoT device management platform

IoT Device Management

Our DevsBot helps you register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. Device management is always a pain-full area and it should be addressed smartly to make your device management at ease. Devices can be split into different verticals using our DevsBot.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor remotely through web application.

IoT Device Security

Devices are secured with token-based encrypted Authorization.

IoT HW Compatibility

Built-in library support for Arduino, ESP32 & Raspberry PI.
IoT parking device


Our IIOT-OEE analytics drive the digital transformation of industries. Our IIoT backed OEE solutions helps automate data collection, analysis and reporting to reduce manual efforts and operational expenses.

Data Collection

Updates and reports

Data Analysis

Visualization, predictive analysis


Anytime, Anywhere access

Process optimization

Reduce manual operations
IoT parking device

IoT Parking

Our RFID enabled Smart Parking Management Solution provides insights into vehicle identification, payment calculation, free-slot deduction and more. Furthermore, our solution allows you to optimize your parking management processes while eliminating human error.


Automated tracking

Smart counters

Tracking and Tariffs

Data Analytics

Metrics and reports

Automated Parking

space and vehicle management
IoT Material tracking

IoT Material and Inventory Tracking

With an IoT-based inventory solution, manufacturers can look at their business holistically, track real-time data on goods, and identify bottleneck early on. With RFID and IoT solutions, companies can reduce operational costs and better track warehouse inventory.

Inventory Optimization

Real-time inventory visibility

Process optimization

Identify bottlenecks in operation

Lead Time Optimization

Data collection and forecasting

Automated Inventory Tracking

Location and movement tracking
E-Commerce development


We offer a multi-vendor platform to enhance and develop your e-commerce capabilities. Enabled with cross-selling, upselling, dropshipping capabilities, our customizable multi-vendor solution allows you to receive orders, invoice clients, notify shipping and upgrade your inventory all in a well-optimized process, saving human effort and costs.

Multi-vendor, Multi-store

Custom dashboards, vendor management

Flexible Integrations

CRMs, Payment gateways

Order and Fulfillment

Cross-selling, upselling, dropshipping

Customized Experiences

Personalized preferences, suggestions
Asset management system

Asset Management

Our RFID-powered automated management and tracking solution helps you achieve more control over your machineries and equipment, eliminating the need for human effort. Get real-time metrics by auditing from IoT devices to optimize the reliability, availability and usability of your assets.

Asset Classification

Location, date of purchase, costs

Asset Tracking

RFID/Barcodes, labelling

Asset Maintenance

Monitor performance, depreciation analysis

Asset Monitoring

Role-based access, asset movement tracking
VANSALES automation

Vansales Automation

Manage your Vansales more effectively and increase profitability with Niraltek’s Van sales automated solution. Our solution empowers field teams in effective route planning, asset tracking, invoicing, and payment collection, with real-time data and analytics.

Van Stock Management

Stock loading, delivery and returns

Stock Audits

Reconciliation, stock adjustments, reports

Route Management

Real-time locations, compliance

Payment Collection Management

On spot ordering, spot invoicing
facility management

Facility Management

Our integrated facility management solutions help you streamline and optimize all facility operations. Stay competitive by embracing our IoT-enabled facility management solutions to delegate human tasks, maintain assets, increase productivity of the workforce and enhance customer experience.

Maintenance management

Equipment and devices maintenance

Energy Management

Energy efficiency and control

Workflow management

Automated workflows and processes

Analytics Dashboards

Data collection, analysis and visualization