Enter DevsBot, the game-changing product that empowers IoT entrepreneurs to effortlessly monitor their devices and track performance metrics. With DevsBot, you can rest assured that your devices are working as intended, and that the data being transmitted is accurate. Additionally, because IoT devices are limited in memory, certain tasks must be offloaded to external applications. DevsBot facilitates this process, enabling you to manage your devices more efficiently and freeing up valuable resources for your business.

In short, DevsBot is the ultimate tool for IoT entrepreneurs, offering unparalleled functionality and convenience. Whether you're just starting out or are an established player in the field, DevsBot can help you take your IoT business to the next level.


IoT Application Dashboard

Remote Monitoring IoT

Device on/off status will be updated through API and you can monitor remotely through the web application easily. Along with the status you may also monitor entire log of what's happening in the device while running. It helps you to identify the problem and apply the solution in quick turn around. Our system has fully developed with OTA(Over the Air) update to reduce support costs to a greater extent.


IoT Device Security

Security play the major role in managing IoT devices through Internet. In our platform, each device will have unique Auth Token to communicate with software along with HTTPS secured communication layer. Since our IoT platform is independent, you can also install in your wide area network and manage from in-house facility. Our application is built on three layer architecture with powerful DB Management.

IoT Application Dashboard
IoT Application Dashboard

IoT Hardware Compatibility

Device Compatibility is an essential feature when it comes to IoT management software. We have crafted our platform architecture properly to uphold multi hardware support for our customers. We have built-in library support for Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry PI. However if you want to have support for other devices we can customize the platform for you in quick turn around and less code development.



Multiple Vertical for Your Organisation


Over the Air Updates


Monitor the Status

Devs log

Device Logs


User Management


Location Management


Actuator Controls


Reset Device Through Air


Mobile Friendly Application


And it's Limitless and Open

DevsBot supported platforms

Raspberry PI - Still many IoT gateways are implemented with Raspberry PI board due to its multi development platform availability. Your gateway can be easily monitored through our device management platform. We provide language support for both Python and C/C++.

ESP32 Family - So far ESP32 is considered to be the best IoT board which has inbuilt WIFI, BLE and thus the popular choice of IoT users. Our IoT platform is fully capable of Provisioning ESP32 devices and manage with ease. OTA(Over the Air) update feature also executed for bulk ESP32 devices.

MQTT - MQTT is the one and popular communication protocol for IoT devices. We are fully aware of that, and we made feature to connect your devices data into our platform using MQTT transfer.

Arduino Family - Arduino is considered to be the pioneer in IoT revolution. Most IoT development start from here and our platform too. Arduino with internet module connected can be onboarded easily.

HTTPS API - Still 90% of data transfer in Internet happening through HTTP/HTTPS Protocol and our software too. We have built WEB API for each service separately to enable our user to onboard their own devices easily. All our data are JSON formatted to enable unified data transfer.

AWS / Azure Cloud - Major Industries drive data into the cloud for better data analytics and visualization. Hence, we provide webhook functionality to enable the data to be transferred into your AWS or Azure Cloud or your own server through API.

Unique Benefits of our DevsBot IoT Product Management Protal

Our platform can be deployed in any industrial sectors including but not limited to Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Oil Industries etc..,

  • Our software can be deployed in Linux/Windows servers.
  • Custom IoT boards are also easily provisioned.
  • MQTT / HTTPS supported platform.
  • Integration of data with cloud or Private servers.
  • Ability to run the whole software in-house with no Internet connectivity.
  • Time stream and log will be available for better management of device life cycle.
  • Simplified integration with almost No-Code.
  • Software updates and maintenance.
  • Firmware upgrade and rollback feature.
DevsBot Application Benefits


Even if you are thinking about managing a few devices, it is a cumbersome task. The process involves looking at the device's status, getting the log, streaming the data, and Managing the firmware[OTA]. Managing all your remote devices definitely requires a global application and our DevsBot fulfill all the IoT Product management demands.

Am I able to update the firmware through IoT product management?

Yes. In the Pre-IoT era updating the firmware involved a lot of physical activities. But now thanks to IoT tech, we can easily update the firmware through a single click from our DevsBot Application. Also, we provide free support for the first 6 months after purchase.

IoT's current challenges: what are they?

Since IoT is still in the intermediate phase, there are many challenges that need to be addressed globally. The main challenge is running a device 24/7 with battery power. There are many techniques available now for the best use of low-power technology and we have carefully created our device library to ensure it consumes very minimal power.

Do I need to learn any Technology/Tools to manage my devices?

No. DevsBot is a pure web application and you can control/view the devices through a few clicks easily sitting back relaxed. We will do setup, and configure the initial devices and the remaining things can easily be done through our documentation.

Can IoT devices be controlled remotely?

Of Course, every IoT device must have the feature to control them remotely and also securely. In DevsBot you can create a unique Auth Token for each device or you can create an Auth Token for a group of devices and it is encrypted. Since DevsBot is running on your own server you may be able to configure the server security to the maximum on your own.

Our representative will get in touch with you to schedule appointment for live demo.

  • We do not share your data to any third-party providers.
  • Our first point of communication is through Email Only.
  • We do follow up only if you are interested in our solution.


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