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To be part of the future digital world by delivering smart products and services to make human life convenient.


Our Product Ideas and Services

Iot Product Engineering

Iot Product Engineering

Niraltek transforms the design and development by making it productive, efficient, intelligent while emphasizing on product quality by utilizing advanced hardware, cloud and IT services.

Embedded Hardware
Iot Product Development
Embedded System
PCB Board Design
AI and ML
Cloud Services
Algorithm Design
API Development
Cloud Architecture
Big Data Services
Information Technology
IOS & Android App Development
Web Development
UI / UX Design
Platform Solutions
Niraltek offers consultancy services for getting the best from the IoT adoption and provides solution for IoT ecosystem setup for data collection, analysis and presentation. Solutions are also offered for IoT application management for sustainable operations. Furthermore, Niraltek deals in the provision of process automation services, preventive equipment maintenance services, optimization of energy consumption, environmental monitoring, Video surveillance, remote diagnostics, product quality management, asset and inventory management, transportation management. Niraltek will serve you the best for your other IoT concerns as well.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated and experienced custom software development company with an award-winning portfolio remains available 24/7 to provide solutions for you.

Our Professionals
Electrical Engineers
Software Engineers
AI & ML Developers
Mobile App Developers
Web Development
Cloud Architects
UI / UX Developers
Product Developer

Electronics Manufacturing

We assist in manufacturing of the electronic components and the assembly of components and also the automation of processes and packaging.

Embedded Hardware
PCB Fabrication & Assembly
Test Automation
Component Procurement & Ordering
Product Certification
Product Assembly & QA
Packing and Shipment

Our Approach

In the development process, proper framework is adopted which guides the software development process from requirement gathering to the delivery, launch and the support

Industries We focus

Niraltek particularly focuses on the development of smart technologies by deploying IIOT 4.0, AIOT Ecosystem, AI Builder

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Industry 4.0

  • Home Automation

  • Agriculture Tech

  • Wearable

  • Automotive

  • Health Care

    Tools and Technologies we use

    Niraltek deploys top notch and latest technologies to build connected environments

    Platform we use

    Niraltek revolutionizes manufacturing by selecting strong and trustworthy foundation like AWS IOT, Microsoft Azure IOT and other renowned names

    Our Clients

    Niraltek is a trusted development partner of various renowned companies


    The detailed information about the IOT, embedded technologies, software and hardware development is also available. This will assist in the selection of technologies

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