Live Energy Monitoring Dashboard: Real-Time Insights for Efficiency Optimization

Efficiency at a Glance

Welcome to our live energy monitoring dashboard, your window into real-time consumption insights. Monitor, analyze, and optimize energy usage effortlessly. Take control, drive efficiency, and pave the way for a sustainable future.



Efficiency Monitoring

Experience enhanced operations with our monitoring system focused on energy efficiency. By tracking consumption patterns, our system identifies areas for improvement, empowering informed decision-making. Gain insights to optimize resource utilization and drive cost-effective energy management.

Streamlined Operations

Optimize workflows and enhance productivity with our system's focus on operational efficiency. By monitoring energy usage patterns, streamline processes and identify areas for improvement. Boost effectiveness, reduce downtime, and elevate overall operational performance.

Demand Management

Prevent penalties and optimize industry demand with our advanced energy monitoring. Stay within allotted thresholds by tracking and analyzing real-time usage data. Proactively manage consumption to avoid penalties, ensuring cost-efficiency and uninterrupted operations.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Track and reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing energy consumption. Start by conducting an energy audit and identifying areas for improvement, then implement energy-efficient technologies and practices to actively reduce your ecological footprint.

Effortless Integration: Three Simple Steps to Cloud-Based Monitoring

Energy Meter Setup

Set up energy meters for precise data collection.

Connect to Gateway

Link meters to the gateway for data transmission.

Cloud Monitoring Integration

Seamlessly integrate with our cloud system for real-time monitoring.


Dynamic Dashboard

Experience real-time monitoring with our configurable dashboard, displaying live voltages, currents, KW, KWH, and costs. Tailor your view with Dark and Light Mode for enhanced usability and comfort.

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

Access detailed monthly reports showcasing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, available for individual devices or grouped sets. Reports encompass daily insights or customizable periods, aiding informed decision-making and sustainability tracking.

AI-Enhanced Alerts & Notifications

Benefit from AI-powered anomaly detection and personalized alerts. Users receive timely notifications for irregularities and can create custom alerts. Stay informed via web, mobile apps, and WhatsApp integration, ensuring proactive energy management tailored to your preferences.

Streamlined Meter Grouping

Effortlessly monitor multiple meters with categorized display options. Our system allows users to group meters, providing a streamlined view of running statuses on a single page. Simplify monitoring across various meters, optimizing efficiency for industrial energy management.

Insightful Energy Analytics

Unlock valuable insights with our Smart Analytics feature, enabling in-depth analysis of energy consumption and related factors. Users can analyze data for specific periods, empowering informed decision-making and cost-saving opportunities by identifying and mitigating unnoticed consumption.

Efficient User Management

Empower industrial managers with our robust user management system. Allocate multiple roles for diverse tasks such as monitoring, analysis, report generation, and more. Seamlessly manage access for enhanced operational efficiency and task delegation within the system.

Advanced Features

A glimpse into the technical prowess of our product.

Remote Updates (OTA)

Auto-update gateway devices via over-the-air (OTA) for the latest features and security patches without physical access.

Real-time Monitoring

Offers real-time status for connected devices, ensuring ongoing monitoring of health, performance, and data transmission.

Automated Notifications

Delivers automated alerts for anomalies, device failures, or unusual IoT behavior.

Security Protocols

Enforces strong security through encryption, authentication, and authorization for data and device protection.


Enables seamless expansion by offering scalable capabilities, ensuring efficient performance amid IoT ecosystem growth.

Integration Capabilities

We integrate various energy monitors, including Modbus-enabled devices, into our gateway for seamless data transfer and broad compatibility.

Device Management

Offers tools for device provisioning, monitoring, remote configuration, and management, simplifying IoT network administration.


Allows users to switch the interface language to their preferred language, enhancing accessibility and user experience for a global audience.


Energy monitors provide real-time insights into energy usage, helping you identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable environment.
Yes, our system is designed to integrate various energy monitoring devices, ensuring compatibility for seamless data collection and analysis.
Our energy monitor tracks various metrics like voltage, current, kW, kWh, and costs, providing comprehensive insights into your energy consumption patterns.
Our system is designed with user convenience in mind, offering intuitive interfaces and customizable dashboards for easy navigation and personalized monitoring.
Yes, we offer flexible subscription plans tailored to suit different needs, allowing you to choose the features and capabilities that align with your requirements.

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